Additional Needs.

I have been working as a relaxation Therapist for the last twenty years for the NHS and social services and in schools and colleges. I have spent these years specialising in learning disabilities and children and adults with additional needs. As a result I have formulated and been running relaxation sessions for children and adults.

With 25 years experience in specialist education I can help and advise you with early years play and development in a fun educational and interactive way.

I can help children and adults to recognise when sensory issues and anxiety are becoming a distraction and causing discomfort. I can help people with additional needs to learn coping strategies. Enabling them to reduce the severity of their sensory over load.

A lot of children I have worked with have had a great deal of benefit from courses and deep pressure and story massage.

Massage fosters positive touch.

Massage calms.
Releases tension.
Relaxes the mind.
Releases oxytocin, the feel good hormone.
Helps children to focus ready for learning.
Can improve communication.
Enhances assertiveness.
Reduces stress and can improve the immune system.
Massage can help to improve self-esteem and confidence

Sessions can be in your own home or in my practice rooms in Saffron Walden.