Family sessions. Making the juggling of modern day family life a lot more manageable.

My Stress Consultancy programme uses relaxation methods to support families who are finding them selves under stress and who would like to learn some relaxation techniques to improve their overall health and well-being. I will work with you to formulate your own family relaxation programme. We will initially talk about your own needs and what you hope to gain from the course. I work in a very practical way, where we make sure that the methods I teach you fit easily in to daily life.

We will work on: 

  1. The basic background of stress. Neuroscience and physiological side of stress and anxiety. Getting an understanding of it will help you. Why we have it and what may be causing it. Its benefits and drawbacks with in the family. 
  2. Looking after the body. Nutrition, exercise and improving sleep for the whole family.
  3. We will work on the three main types of relaxation. Deep breathing, body relaxation and stilling the over thinking brain. 
  4. I will teach you how to use nature and all the senses to reduce stress in a fun and interactive way with the children.
  5. I will show you how to manage difficulty.
  6. How to avoid overwhelm and time management methods for the whole family.
  7. Smart phones, technology and social media and how to have resilience in our modern day world.
  8. I will help you to improve Communication with in the family. 
  9. We will move on to create a relaxation programme for the whole family. 

 After the course you will receive a booklet via email with all the course    notes.