Early years

We can now work out side again. Sessions can also be on Zoom. Please call for more information.

 Mindfulness, Relaxation and Story massage sessions for children.

This program runs in schools, Nurseries and at my private practice in saffron Walden. We also run all year round out door sessions at a beautiful local organic nature reserve.

Using the senses for the relaxing story.

Using nature to make a relaxing story.

Relaxing at Nursery


 Encouraging children to use their senses in a fun, educational and interactive way.  Within these group sessions children are guided by their innate love for the natural world and exploring this through:

Learning breathing methods.

Mindfulness Techniques

Breathing for relaxation.

Body relaxation.

Relaxing the mind.

Time in Nature.

Developing the senses.

Cultivation of gratitude.

Being a good friend.

Managing difficult emotions.

The skills children will take away from these sessions are:

Improved self esteem
Increased social and emotional wellbeing
Improved sensory and body awareness
Improved access to learning
Enhanced literacy and numeracy skills.
Relaxation and stress management skills for life.

Enhanced regulation of emotions; acceptance of transient thoughts and feelings; and the capacity to regulate attention.

Children will receive their own Relaxation Story to use at home.  Additionally class teachers will have copies of the stories to use in a group or individual relaxation sessions. The relaxing stories fit well in to PSHE lessons. Encouraging children to improve their emotional wellbeing.

Story Massage.

After week four and five of the relaxation program we use the relaxing story for story massage.
Educational story massage involves the children working in pairs to make descriptive shapes on each other’s backs while telling a story.
The clothed massage is always taught under the guidance of a qualified massage therapist with safeguarding policies in place and consent giving used in every session.

The benefits of massage are well documented and have been shown to have calming affects on the children. Massage in educational settings has also been seen to have significant and positive changes in children’s emotional wellbeing and social behavior.

Positive nurturing touch develops respect for each other and can improve relationship and social skills amongst children.

Children will be developing their literacy and communication skills. Story massage supports children’s different learning styles.

The benefits of story massage:

Massage fosters positive touch.
Massage calms.
Releases tension.
Releases oxytocin.
Helps children to focus ready for learning.
Can improve communication.
Enhances assertiveness.
Reduces stress and can improve the immune system.
Massage can help to improve self-esteem and confidence

My references, CV,  DBS, training and insurance documents are available upon request.

If you would like more information on the six week Relaxing Story programme or would like to book the programme, please contact me.