Youth Mindfulness Programme.

Family Sessions now available. Following the content below. Additionaly Sessions will be tailored to specific need.

Please call me for more details. 

Youth Mindfulness Programme. 

  1. After school indoor Youth Mindfulness and Relaxation Programme. 

This six session course is for 8 – 15  Years of age. Run as a one to one sessions or in small group sessions.

Stress management programme.  Teaching young people skills for life. Following the course content below and additionally raising self-esteem, reducing anxiety, improving confidence, a healthy regulation of social media.

Next set of sessions Starting  on Thursday 1st of November at 4.00pm – 5.00pm.

Sessions are at my practice rooms in Saffron Walden. With the addition of one out door mindfulness session.

Please contact me for session prices.

Sessions for over 16s are usually run on a 1 – 1 sessions and are tailored to specific need.

Please see below for what we cover in the sessions.

 2. Youth Mindfulness and Relaxation Programme.Out Door Retreat Sessions  

5 – 11 Year olds.

This course is an out door Mindfulness retreat for children at a beautiful local organic nature reserve.

Term time sessions run on Tuesday’s  from the 4th of September – 16th of October  4.00- 5:15 pm. The retreat runs in six-week blocks.

( Sorry this course is currently fully booked )

The next school holiday sessions will run in the October half term. 

The next course availble.

Starts on the 24th 25th and 26th of October.

Start time 9.30 – 12.00 day one for registration then 10.00 – 12.00 each day. All three mornings need to be attended to get the full benefit of the course.

Currently six spaces left. 


The course fee is £85.00 per child. We run a 15% sibling discount.

We ask for a non-refundable deposit of £25.00 upon registration.

Booking is by phone call please. call or email 07966579345.


Nikki                                      Carolyn


Session one.

What we will be covering.

The different types of relaxation.

What is stress and worry and how these sessions can help.

The science of stress. Fight and flight.

Our brilliant mind.

Why we need rest and how to have a break from stress and worry.

Being in the present moment.

Breathing and returning to the breath.

A practical relaxation session.

Session Two.

Relaxing the body and body awareness.

Recognising tension.

Self Massage.

The body scan.

Being aware of all the senses.

Relaxation in nature.

Using triggers for relaxation.

Sensory 5,4,3,2,1.

Session three.

Relaxing the mind.

Worry over thinking and the monkey mind.

Practical session.

Returning to your breath.

Will power.

Studying and how mindfulness can help.


Session four.

Practical session one.

The importance of sleep.

Cultivation gratitude.

Three good things.

Self Massage.

Practical session two.

Session five.

Coping with difficult thoughts and emotions.

Growing your practice.

Practical session.

I see you anger.

Kindness and being a good friend.

Session six.

Mind state.

Returning to the breath.

Having a good foundation.

Developing our practice.


Practical session.

Session overview.